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St Hugh's operates a small food bank for residents of the Baildon community. We can help if you are unable to feed yourself and/or your family. It may be issues with debt, an unexpected bill, problems with benefits or loss of employment. Call us on 07421 328187 if you need to claim a 3-day food parcel. We will just need to know why you find yourself in food crisis and ensure you are eligible to claim.

Donations - We gratefully welcome any donations of non-perishable food items. There are donation boxes outside each of the three church of England Baildon churches - St Hugh's, St James's (Kirklands Lane) and St John's (Baildon village centre). We welcome, for example:

Tins of meat, fish, potatoes, baked beans, vegetables, fruit, custard, spaghetti/pasta
Jars of pasta sauce, coffee, jam
Packets of rice, pasta, teabags, cereal, biscuits, crisps
UHT milk, toiletries, toilet roll, household cleaning items, clothes wash, pet food, dilute juice